Predict Who will be the winner in 2022 FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup has always been one of the most viewed sports events in the universe. During the course of the tournament, millions of viewers will stay glued to their devices. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will commence on Sunday, November 20, in Qatar.

The World Cup 2022 will feature 32 teams competing in eight groups. France will enter this World Cup as the defending champion. France forward player Karim Benzema wasn’t in the squad of 2018 when his country won the championship.

Quite impressively, Karim Benzema was named the UEFA Player of the Year after leading Real Madrid to the Champions League title. So, do you want to predict who will win the World Cup?

It is always fun to predict and assume which team will lay their hands on the coveted trophy. Here are some essential aspects of knowing which team will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

What are the Possibilities of Various Teams Winning the FIFA World Cup?

Here are the possibilities of various teams winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


France will enter the 2022 FIFA World Cup as the defending champions. One of the key reasons behind France’s success in the World Cup in 2018 was their young team. They have numerous young players who can rise to the occasion when required by the team.

In 2018, there were several key takeaways from their match against Argentina. Undoubtedly, every soccer fan will be keen to witness France repeating their success in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

You also cannot forget the rise of Karim Benzema in the last few years. Considering all these things, France is a clear favorite to lift the coveted 2022 FIFA World Cup trophy.


Another soccer team that can lift the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Argentina. Since the team’s inception, Argentina has showcased quality performance in the grandest stages.

Note that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup appearance. Therefore, the team will try hard to offer the best farewell to Messi. Argentina has been an underdog since 2014. But motivational factors will boost their performance in the upcoming World Cup.


When the context is about performing in World Cups, you can safely bet on Brazil. Brazil has always been an ace performer in FIFA World Cups. In the upcoming World Cup, there are high chances that Brazil will show us some vintage performances. Brazil is one of those teams that have a high chance of winning the World Cup.


In the last few knockout matches, England has disappointed their fans. They tend to choke, which is the reason for their repeated failures. They lost to Croatia in the semifinal of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Moreover, they lost the Euro Cup 2020 in the finals. Italy berated them pretty comprehensively to win the Euro Cup 2020. But the current England squad looks much better, and there are chances that England will emerge as the 2022 FIFA World Cup winners.

Why does Brazil Struggle against Professional Teams from Europe?

If you are a passionate soccer fan, you will always witness Brazil struggling against European teams in the world championships. The primary reason behind Brazil’s constant failures against European teams is that inaccurate shooting. You cannot deny the precision of Brazil when it comes to dribbling the ball. The team constantly struggles to score and finish the game.  

Why does Brazil have a Higher Possibility of Winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

There are some reasons that depict that Brazil has a higher chance of winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. For instance, the shooting preciseness of Raphinha and Richarlison has been pretty high.

Moreover, Brazil’s key player, Neymar, has shown great form in some recently concluded events. In the defense strategy, Brazil has got more depth when compared to other teams. They have a better goalkeeper in Allison, who can be the key to Brazil’s success.   

Why can France Win again?

There is no denying that France possesses the best attack in the world. The top three goal scorers of France have an average of more than 2.5 goals. The midfield playing strategy of France is also one of the best.

Can France Struggle in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

France has its own set of failures against sides that are good at dribbling. For instance, Brazil and Argentina are good at dribbling and may upset France in the semifinals.  

Why are Soccer Experts confident in Argentina?

In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Argentina failed to register a decent performance. They struggled in defense and ultimately had to bid farewell to the tournament in 2018. In 2018, Argentina was able to score only six goals successfully. Moreover, the goalkeepers of Argentina had the worst saving percentage in 2018.

But as a professional soccer team, Argentina has improved in various aspects of its game. In Copa America 2021, Argentina scored 12 goals in seven matches.

Moreover, it is their defense that attracted the attention of soccer fans. Argentina only conceded three goals in the seven matches. Hence, experts are backing Argentina to come good in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Format of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup edition comprises 32 teams divided into eight groups. Each group has four teams. The defending champions, France, have been placed with Tunisia and Denmark. But it is Group E that will draw maximum attention. This group contains Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, and Japan.

You also have to know the odds assigned to know which team is winning predictions the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Smaller odds mean more chances of emerging victorious. There are high chances that Argentina and Brazil may advance into the finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Argentina has smaller odds than Brazil, and it seems the team will pay a fitting tribute to Messi in his last World Cup appearance. But you should consider other factors too to choose the best team to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  

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