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Soccer betting can be both thrilling and profitable. But it is important to evaluate all the key factors before coming up with the fixed odds betting tips. This requires evaluation of various factors ranging from data sets to field advantages to player injuries and suspension among others. At, our tipsters do all the hard work, making it easy for you to capture the profits.

Importance of Team Quality

We provide the best fixed odds football tips for all the popular leagues and championships from around the world. While we assess all the important factors, the quality of the teams involved is one of the most important ones. A high quality team with excellent players is almost always likely to win against a team with lower quality.

Team strength is considered as the biggest factor that determines the outcome of a soccer match. Our fixed odds football tips are made after evaluating many factors with a lot of emphasis on this one.

Quality of Key Players

A team’s quality depends on the quality of its individual key players. And our experienced top soccer tipsters evaluate this crucial sub-factor as well:

  • A team with better players is likely to win
  • We check and compare the roster in advance to determine the quality of players
  • The presence of highly skilled players in key positions can make a bigger impact
  • A team with a far better striker is likely to score higher

Team Depth

A team cannot always win on the shoulders of one or two players. When checking the roster and creating our fixed odds betting tips we also take into account the depth of quality in each team. A team with more balance of skills can usually have a greater advantage than a team with a few star players and an otherwise weak line-up.


It is not just the players, the quality of the coaches and their influence on the team also acts as an important factor.

  • How a side plays depends on the pre-game planning and all the analysis conducted by the head coach and his team
  • The head coach and support coaches can have a huge impact on how a side performs
  • A team with a highly reputed coach can often have a bigger edge

The relation between the players and the coaches also affects a match’s outcome. If there are any disputes or disharmony between the players and coaches, it can show in the form of how the team plays on the field.

Unity Between Players

As already mentioned, the presence of star players and having a balanced team, both are important factors in making the best fixed odds football tips. The unity and cohesion between the players also have an influence on the outcome of the match. The success of a team depends a lot on how it plays as a unit.

This is to say that even a team having the best star players in the league may not be able to deliver the performance that a team with good depth and no star players may offer. Even a team having lesser talented players can perform well when there is strong unity and cohesion between them.

There are many more factors that are taken into account when we create the fixed odds football tips. This includes:

  • The main strengths and weaknesses of both the sides
  • The style of playing
  • The ability to play under pressure
  • The consistency of performance of both the sides

So if you are looking to win consistently and make profits from soccer betting, follow our expert tips. Our tips and predictions are made based on evaluation of all the important factors.

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