Rescuebet Partnered With M8bet Sportsbook


Rescuebet has partnered with M8Bet sportsbook, Asia’s leading sportsbook. The announcement marks the entry of M8Bet as one of the official gaming partners of Rescuebet, enabling punters to sign up with M8Bet on the Rescuebet platform and gain access to the features of both platforms such as bonuses, podcasts, betting content, the ability to make payment in bitcoin among several other advantages. 

M8Bet Sportsbook

M8Bet sportsbook is licensed and registered in 2012 in the Philippines to operate in Asia. The M8Bet sportsbook was established in 2008 and focused on footballing events across the globe with the ability to place wagers on basketball, tennis, hockey, golf, Esports, motorsports betting, online lottery betting, etc. One of the critical features of M8Bet is that none of the bets placed are void. However, players frequently placing arbitrage bets may have void bets. One of the key betting services provided by M8Bet includes the Asian handicap betting markets. Punters have access to over 800 live sporting events every day, with multiple betting markets on each sporting event. 

Features Of M8bet On Rescuebet

Some of the critical features of betting on M8Bet using the Rescuebet platform include betting with a verified sportsbook, access to competitive odds, unlimited betting content, bonuses, features, access to multiple payment methods, and access to other Rescuebet services:

1. Verified & Licensed Sportsbook

Punters can rest assured that their bets and investments are made with a verified sportsbook. First, Cagayan, a licensing and betting regulatory body located in Asia, issued a betting license to M8Bet to operate in betting markets in 2012. Since the past decade, M8Bet members continue to enjoy the benefits of wagering with a registered sportsbook and the surety that every punter’s funds are safe and secure. Most sportsbooks operate without registration or a license, and punters may end up losing out in cases of discrepancies or betting with unscrupulous and unregistered sportsbooks.   

2. Competitive Betting Odds 

Punters gain access to some of the most competitive odds across different football betting markets. Bettors will never run out of betting options with over 4000 live sporting events to bet from every week. Punters gain access to several betting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Europa League, J-League, K-League, ISL, the Premier League, La Liga, and more. M8Bet has created a niche for itself by providing the most number of betting events with a particular focus on Asian handicap bets. Asian handicap bets are a preferred betting market for Asian punters. However, punters may not enjoy the same advantages in other betting markets, such as outright bets and 1×2 needs. 

3. Bonuses And Extra Features

Bonuses and extra features usually differentiate factors that cause a punter to select one sportsbook over another (with everything else remaining the same). The additional features punters lookout for include bonuses that help increase a punter’s overall winnings, rebates to help cover losses, sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, the platform’s stability, and more. Some of the critical bonuses and features punters gain on the Rescuebet platform include a 15% weekly rebate bonus, a 100% sign-up bonus, a referral bonus for referrals, daily free tips, and other incentives.  

4. Unlimited Betting Content 

Punters have access to content curated specially for sports fans, punters, and bettors across the globe. Members can stay up to date with the latest in the world of sports betting, such as transfers, injuries, sackings, squads, etc., by signing up with the Rescuebet platform. Betting content is vital to analysts, presenters, commentators, fantasy managers, advertisers, scouts, fans, and other football and betting content users. Punters can learn various betting strategies with video tutorials, access information on the blog updated every day, access unique topics on the Rescuebet podcast and RBTv, professional tips for different games, and more. 

5. Multiple Payments Accepted

With an increase in demand for services online, customers also expect the facility to pay for the service with the desired currency while again using a preferred transfer method. The key reasons for these expectations are restrictions in a bettor’s home country and the charges incurred on foreign exchange transactions of converting one currency to another and back to the home currency. Rescuebet helps punters meet their expectations by providing punters with a platform that accepts multiple currencies and multiple payment forms. Take BTC or bitcoin, for example. While the crypto asset is increasing in value and more people choose to hold bitcoin, it currently has minimal spending power. However, punters can use bitcoin to bet on sports bets with M8Bet exclusively on the Rescuebet platform. 

6. Access To Rescuebet Services 

By signing up with the Rescuebet platform to access M8Bet, punters also gain access to other Rescuebet services and offerings. Some of the other services on the Rescuebet platform include Esports betting, live casino betting, gambling games, fishing games, and other sports bookie partners.

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