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Which Is The Most Accurate Soccer Prediction Site?

Soccer betting is so popular because it is both profitable and thrilling. Football is an unpredictable sport. It is a sport where even a strong favorite can suffer an unexpected loss. So you cannot just bet on this sport based on guesswork. This is where Football365 comes into the picture. Our community of tipsters make soccer prediction 100% win to help you win consistently.
Soccer punters and fans from around the world choose our tips and predictions to make profits over the long-term. Our predictions are based on in-depth research of all the key factors and data.
If you are looking for the most accurate soccer prediction site, you have come to the right place. At Football365, we take all the key factors and statistics into account when conducting our soccer prediction analysis. Find out what goes into making us the best.

Evaluating Past Performance

When betting on soccer, you are predicting the outcome of an event that will happen in the future. And it is possible to predict it only with the help of information and data from the past. Our tipsters make soccer predictions based on evaluation of past performance data. We use statistics to build a betting model. This model is then used for testing our predictions and ensure that profit is generated. Besides, our community of tipsters verify each tip we provide on our site.
When you buy soccer predictions from us, you are looking forward to inferences from in-depth data analysis and evaluation of a wide range of factors. We go beyond the factors like form, team record, head to head records. We also evaluate other forms of data to calculate the averages for different types of match outcomes and betting markets.

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Comparing Predictions & Odds

When it comes to soccer prediction and analysis, it is important to focus on making consistent profits from betting. That is what we help you achieve. Our predictions tend to be more accurate compared to the odds available with the bookies or on the market. When betting, it is important to be right more often to be able to generate profits.
Our tipsters develop methods to make our winning soccer predictions. These are then converted into probabilities and compared with the odds offered by the bookies.

Data Sets Evaluated

The tipsters on our accurate football prediction website evaluate a wide range of data sets to come up with our tips and predictions. Some of the most important data sets include the following:

Goal Differential

Goal differential helps in determining the strength of a side. It requires a large size of data set to be able to make accurate predictions. We know by experience that smaller data size means that the results can be random. This is because of the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Goal Expectancy

Goal expectancy is the number of goals that a side is likely to score in the match. We take the following factors into account when calculating it:
  • The potential of the side to score goals
  • The potential of the side to concede goals
  • The potential of the opposite side to score and concede

Goal expectancy has to be accurately predicted to be able to make correct score prediction. Higher accuracy translates into higher chances of winning your bets and making consistent profits.

Shot Location

Our soccer prediction 1x2 also takes into account the data related to shot location for both sides. Shot location influences team performance and correct score predictions. There are different outcomes to shots taken:
  • Converting into goals
  • Hitting the goal post
  • Getting saved
  • Getting blocked
  • Missing the goal

To be able to predict the outcome of a shot from a specific location, it is important to consider many factors. Our tipsters can take the following factors into account when conducting soccer prediction analysis:
  • The ball being kicked or headed
  • Perpendicular distance between goal line and shot location
  • Horizontal distance from a specific centered vertical

Which Is The Best Predictions Site?

As the best soccer prediction and analysis site, our research and analysis is not just limited to the data sets. We also evaluate all the other influencing factors. Some of the most important of these factors include the following:
  • i. Current Form

    Current form has a big role to play in how a team will perform in an upcoming match. Teams are likely to build the habit of winning or not losing and this information can be of great importance when making soccer prediction 100% win. The form of a team may trickle down the form of specific players. For example, one or more strikers may be playing at their peak form and scoring with consistency. On the other hand, a side may have its defenders in great form, ensuring that clean sheets are maintained in most of their matches. Our tipsters identify such trends in form when making our predictions.
  • ii. Head to Head Records

    This is another important factor that we take into account when doing our soccer prediction analysis. Many pairs of teams continue to show certain trends in their match outcomes, even after years. It is surprising to find teams that show consistent results even when players and managers can change over the years. Identifying such a trend for an upcoming match can contribute to more accurate predictions.
  • iii. Home Edge

    Our experts also take into account the home advantage factor enjoyed by a side. This is also an important factor with significant influence on the outcome of a match. The home team has so many factors working in its favor, including:
    • Knowledge of and familiarity with field and local conditions
    • No need to travel long distances
    • Favorable and supporting fans

    Most Premier League seasons show that almost half of the matches are won by the home team. Only about a quarter or so matches are won by the away team. Thus, this is a very important factor with a huge influence on the outcome of a match. And we at Football365 make sure to take it into account when creating our predictions.
  • iv. Latest Team News

    Our tipsters also take into account the latest team news in our soccer prediction and analysis. If a side is missing one or more important players, it is going to influence the upcoming match. However, the degree to which the match gets affected can be difficult to gauge. Our experts keep track of the latest news from a wide range of sources. An interesting thing about soccer is that not all news is available through mainstream media sources. Our tipsters have access to insider information and can access news that may not be available elsewhere.
    If there is a dispute between a star player and the management, it can have a potential impact on the player’s performance. We can factor in such lesser-known news when making our soccer prediction 1x2. We also take into account the quality and influence of the replacement players when making our predictions. It is important to realize that it is not simple to quantify the contribution or importance of a missing player. This is where the expertise of our tipsters plays an important role.
    Similarly, a player playing against their former club can also be an important factor. Such a player is more likely to deliver an extraordinary performance when facing their former side. There are many more factors that are accounted for when making winning predictions. This can include the motivation on both sides, team momentum, the management, and weather conditions among others.

How Can I Know A Winning Team By Odds?

When it comes to soccer prediction 1x2, you will want to bet on the winning side. If you want to know a winning side by odds, it is important to realize that odds tell you the probability of an event. You should try and convert the odds into decimals to better simplify the process. If the probability of a side winning is close to 1, it gives that side a higher chance of winning. So it is recommended to back a side if is probability of winning is higher than 0.5.
If you want to win consistently on soccer, it is recommended to rely on football365 predictions. We have a large community of tipsters from around the world. Our exports are specialized in specific leagues and tournaments, having in-depth knowledge of the soccer events. You can evaluate the performance of all our tipsters based on different performance stats.
Our football365 betting tips cover all the major and minor leagues, divisions, and tournaments from around the world. Whether you are interested in the Premier League, FIFA World Cup, or a minor division from Asia, you can find tips and predictions for all soccer matches. Make sure to check our tipsters’ performance stats before you rely on our experts’ tips and predictions.


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